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Train Tickets only go on sale 28 days (Intercity) & 45 days (other trains) in advance from the date of travel and it is only at that time that Ukraine Railways will confirm train departure times and prices and will issue tickets.

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Train Times
Train times on our website or in quotations are as accurate as possible. Ukraine Railways can change these without prior notice being given. We will inform you of any train time changes.

All train tickets may be printed in Russian / Ukrainian. Once we have your tickets we will translate the important parts (eg train number, departure time, carriage number and bed / seat number) into English for you and will either e-mail you these details.
Cancellation / Changing Tickets Policy
* Once the train e-tickets and / or boarding passes have been purchased and issued there is regrettably no refund in the event of cancellation / surrender of the tickets to / with ourselves or with Ukraine Railways. This also strictly applies to passengers who may want to change dates / times and surrender their original tickets to Ukraine Railways whilst they are in Ukraine. So Sorry – But no refund will be given if the passenger(s) cancel or surrender their tickets to us or direct with Ukraine Railways.
* We insist that clients booking with us have valid and adequate holiday travel insurance in place to cover them in case the train tickets need to be cancelled / surrendered by the passengers(s) to / with us or with Ukraine Railways, after we have issued them.
* Train tickets are not transferable and are only valid by Ukraine Railways for travel on the dates and times as printed on them.
* There is no refund for cancelled airport transfers booked (if applicable)
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We arrange all Ukrainian travel and holiday arrangements through our trading partners who are licenced members of either IATA, ATOL, UATO, ASTA, PATA or the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine.