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Kiev Visitor Information

Kiev is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is a bustling capital of independent Ukraine. It is the administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational centre. This scenic city with A population of over 3 million people is located on the shores of the Dnieper River.
Kiev is a city of invaluable historical and cultural monuments, a city of great events and outstanding people. Everyone will find there something especially interesting.

The art and architecture of Kiev are considered world treasures. Many famous artists, poets and writers estimated the unique beauty of this city. The most renowned landmarks include: Cathedral of St. Sophia with outstanding mosaics and frescoes dating back to the 11th century; Kievo-Percherskaya Lavra featuring several monasteries and cathedrals; Golden Gate of Kiev, which date back to 1037; Ukrainian Baroque Church of St. Andrew; the magnificent 19th-century Cathedral of St. Vladimir; and many other attractions. Kiev is often referred to as "the mother of all cities" by Russians and Ukrainians. It is one of the oldest towns in Europe. In the historical centre of Kiev you can feel the spirit of the past everywhere.
Kiev is distinguished for its rich cultural life. Theater lovers will find many theatres offering various theatrical programs. Most performances are held in Ukrainian or Russian. The recently renovated Kiev Opera House presents very good opera as well as a broad repertoire of ballets. Ivan Franko Theater is a center of Ukrainian drama, comedy, and musicals. A lot of various exhibitions are carried out in the city's numerous museums and art galleries.

Kiev is also a scientific and educational center of independent Ukraine. Various universities and science academies including famous Kiev-Mogilyanskaya Academy, which is one of the first scientific establishments in Eastern Europe, are located there.

Kiev City Centre by night. The bars and clubs are very festive and many have live music

Kiev at night
Like any capital city Kiev is a hive of activity during the day and night

The busy streets of Kiev

Being the largest city of Ukraine, Kiev is a leading industrial and commercial center of the country. Kiev's major industries include: food processing (especially processing of beet sugar), metallurgy, manufacture of machinery, machine tools, rolling stock, chemicals, building materials, and textiles. The development of Ukrainian economy gave impulse to business activity of the city. There are a lot of new office centres, banks, trade exhibition centers and other commercial enterprises appearing in the city nowadays.

Take a walk through the ancient streets of this scenic city, feel its unique beauty and the spirit of its past. For sure your stay in Kiev will become one of your most memorable experiences

The best and most accepted foreign currency in Ukraine is the US Dollar. Dollars can be exchanged for Hryvnia on basically any street corner (Bureau De Change type places). Do not use Dollars in restaurants etc though, because they will not give you a good rate of exchange. It is best to change your Dollars into Hryvnia first before going shopping.

Another alternative are cash point machines (ATM’s) which can be found everywhere. The cash point machines are also in English. After your insert your card, choose the English option and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Credit / Debit Cards - these can be used in most restaurants, hotels and large shops.


Alcohol - It is illegal to walk down the street drinking alcohol from bottles etc. The guys must be careful of this.
Identity - Must be carried at all times

Kiev City Transport
There are three metro lanes in Kiev, trams, buses, trolleybuses and our favourite minibuses - marshrutkas. Traffic gets bad between 16.00 - 19.00 on workdays so it's better to use the metro.

Metro fare is 50 kopecks, changing lines is free. There are prepaid monthly cards available for either just one kind of transport (e.g. metro) or for all kinds (metro+bus+tram+trolleybus).
The yellow minibuses racing all over Kiev are called Marshrutkas (Marshutnie taxi). They can be stopped pretty much anywhere and they have a good network covering all areas of the city. The fare is between 75 kopecks to 2 UAH.
Trams, buses and trolleybuses work just like everywhere else. It is good to always have some small change and notes as well, given the prices, you can't possibly want to pay with a hundred UAH bill. Public transport in Ukraine operates from 6 a.m till 1 a.m.

Driving Around Kiev With Us
We have very modern cars and will very happily transport you around Kiev and it's surrounding areas whether your are visiting Kiev on business or on holiday. Our drivers are very friendly and have a very good knowledge of the city, its history and what this lovely city has to offer with regards to visiting the famous historical places of interest, places of leisure and entertainment and popular restaurants. You will find our prices to be very competitive.

In Kiev you don't need to rely only on official taxis. Just stretch your hand out at any car as lots of drivers will give you a ride if it's on their way.
Most taxis don't use taxameter and they will try to rip you off especially at night, in the city center and of course because you're a foreigner.
If you need a decent car and a receipt, call Autosvit. They use the meter, give you a receipt and send new vehicles.  Order in advance, it often happens that they say they don't have a car available in your area if you call at the last moment.
Prices differ, in the city center pay from 10 to 15 UAH for a ride, 20 UAH at night. For longer journeys call a cab, they're cheaper.
To get to Borispol Airport expect to pay from 70 to 100 UAH

Autosvit : 234 4444
Bonus-Taxi : 233-1103
Delta Taxi : 238-8284
Elite Taxi : 238-8238
Euro Taxi : 249-4040
Express Taxi : 239-1515
Grand Taxi : 237-3000
Lux Taxi : 243-9394
Lux Taxi : SV 237-3999
Partner Taxi : 247-0000
Radio Taxi : 249-6249
Super Taxi : 248-0606
Swift Taxi : 459-0439
Taxi (State): 059, 054
Taxi : 237-2525
Taxi Blues : 295-1444
Taxis : 295-9508
Tvoye Taxi : 237-2575

Bus, Coach and Minibus Hire
We can supply group travellers with very reliable vehicles for:

* Boryspil Airport to city centre transfers
* City centre sightseeing tours
* Travel to other cities around Ukraine and Crimea like Odessa, Lviv and Yalta

The Kiev Metro is a typical ex-Soviet three line system (total length 54.8 km ~ 37 mi) with all lines meeting in the city center (Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Freedom Square) forming a triangle. Older stations in the city center were built in the underground palace style similar to Moscow's metro. The network is almost entirely underground although the river Dniper is crossed twice on a bridge.


The Kiev Metro runs from 06:00 until 24:00.  First trains leave at 05:50 from the terminus of the line, and last trains leave the city center at 00:20.  It's convenient, fast, inexpensive and reliable and has some of the deepest underground stations in the world.  No trip to Kiev is complete without a ride on the Kiev Metro

Kiev Metro Map

Please kindly "contact us" for further details

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